Brazilian Curly Hair Lace Frontal Closure with Bundles

This hair definitely fit my expectations…When i received it it was perfectly packaged as expected and I didn’t have any shedding/tangling right out the bag. I constructed the wig and was very happy that the frontal roots were not straight and co-washed the hair and it stayed the same curl pattern.

After the first wash their was some shedding, but no tangling/matting. The hair definitely has a tight curl pattern considering that straight 22″ touches my butt and this only touched my mid-back and is soft, but it isn’t crazy silky soft.

I have no problems now…and I actually plan on ordering their straight bundles!

Straight Human Hair 3 Bundles 12 14 16 Inch Bundles Straight Brazilian Hair Natural Color

I decided to take a chance on this vender and I am impressed so far. Delivery took 2 days and the hair was packaged in a beautiful box with free lashes. The hair was clean and smooth. I used it for a sew in and the three bundles were just enough.

I ordered the 18, 20 and 22, and they were all true to length. I will not be coloring the hair, as I am allergic to hair dye, but I can attest that it is virgin. If the hair had been colored I would have reacted immediately and I have been just fine.

The hair does curl well, but the curls are not long lasting, especially if you put oil in the hair. All in all it’s beautiful and easy to manage. No shedding or tangling and I don’t wrap my hair at night, so this hair is a winner!

Naked Nature Brazilian Virgin Remy 100% Human Hair Wet & Wavy

Q:Has anyone tried to die hair? Does it only come in 1b?
A:I have not tried to dye the hair yet…however the quality of the hair is very good since their is minimal to no shedding. I believe that this product only comes in a 1B.

Q:Does this come with a closure?
A:Yes and if you take the fake silk backing off then it’s even better

Q:Does it come with 7pcs or 3
A:hi it’s comes with 7 pcs including a closing.

Q:How much gram is there in a bundle?
A:I didn’t pay attention to the grams but I tell you; it is the best hair so fair. My 2nd time buying it. 5 stars without a doubt

Q:Can this hair be dyed?
A:Unfortunately, I can’t a that because I didn’t try but the package says that it can be colored. There are several good YouTube videos on the hair as well. Check out Alswaysameera and Elay Dawn, they have extensive reviews on coloring and maintaining the hair.

Q:What type of closesure does it come with?
A:the closure is a typical beauty supply closure the parting space is very small but it can work out.

Q:how long is the closure?
A:I believe the closure was 10″ could have been 12, definitely not 14 tho. Hope this help

Q:Is the hair really good
A:It’s not the best quality in the world, however if you take care of it, it can be used for more than 1install.. I personally love it, and for the price.. You can’t beat it

Q:Is the closure 4 x 4?
A:not sure to determine the size, but the closure is a circle it is enough to do a side part. I am not sure if this is any help

Q:Does it come with a closer
A:Yes, but you will have to pluck the crap out if it to make it look realistic

Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave Bundles 16 18 20 Inch Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair Bundle Brazilian Hair Weave

Order one bundle in the 8 inch just to test the company’s hair out. The bundle came individually wrapped with hair care instructions. It also included some eyelashes that did not look as cheap as the other companies send out. The hair was in the body wave form.

I first cowashed it and let it air dry. They then came back to the very same body wave state and still look great and slick and still soft. I tested it out to see if it could straighten which it did very well and also tested it out to see how it would curl and it curls beautifully.

The hair did not come with a wierd factory smell it actually kind of smelled like Argain oil. There was minimum shedding to the hair before and after the cowash. The bundle tends to be some very great hair.